"Melange Imperial" is an exclusive "Café Grand Cru" and at the same time a homage to the coffee-house culture of Vienna. "Melange Imperial" stands out especially due to its opulent composition and is a great treat from traditional coffee production. Eight of the best Arabica varieties have been united to create the "Emperor’s blend“. The excellent espresso blend has a unique and unmistakeable flavour identity – a full body and subtle tart aroma with floral note cuddle up the palate.

For the "Melange Imperial" Business-Coffee GmbH is working together with the Andraschko Coffee Manufacture, a high-grade roaster from Berlin. The Cafetier Wilhelm Andraschko originates from Vienna and sees the roasting of coffee as classical trade. Andraschko uses for the "Melange Imperial" traditional roasting in drums instead of the conventional industrial roasting by hot air. Periodically he visits the coffee plantages of Africa and South America and convinces himself of the quality of coffee beans. Coffee experts, top restaurateurs and well-known TV stars are equally delighted by Andraschko’s coffee blends. "Melange Imperial" is marketed exclusively by Business-Coffee GmbH.