The Royal Jamaica Blue Mountain® (JBM) coffee originates from a small area in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Climate, geographical location and soil rich in nutrients offer to this coffee a unique and at the same time ideal growing conditions at altitudes between 900 and 1700 meters. The coffee plantations are partly run by small farmers whose families cultivate the land since already 200 years. The name of the Blue Mountains has its origin in the always persistent fog which covers the mountains with its bluish shimmer and creates a nearly magic scene. The fog is among other things responsible for a longer maturation of the coffee beans and therefore contributes to the incomparable mild-fruity and delicate-nutty aroma of the JBM.

JBM is the official coffee at court of the Japanese dynasty of Emperors and according to reliable sources this noble coffee is also treasured by the British Royalty. JBM is titled by coffee experts as the best coffee and is at the same time the most expensive coffee of the world, picked directly from the bushes. Only JBM is transported and stored in wooden barrels instead of the usual gunnysacks for better storage conditions. Business-Coffee GmbH offers a top-grade, traditionally roasted 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain®.